Bear Archery Brave III Bow Set with Biscuit, Black

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The Bear Archery Right Hand Brave Three-Bow Set with Biscuit is great starter equipment for young archers. It measures 26-inches from axle to axle and you can pull a weight of 15-20 lbs while drawing your bow. This bow and arrow set includes two safety glass arrows, an armguard, a two-piece quiver, one-pin sight, and more. A finger tab is provided to protect your fingers from the bowstring. The Whisker Biscuit arrow rest guides your arrows longer and helps to retract faster. Even in a large field of view, the Bear archery bow provides a reliable bright aiming dot to that particular object with the help of one-pin sight. It is designed for right hand use only.

Bear Archery Right Hand Brave 3 Bow Set with Biscuit
  • 26" axle to axle
  • 18-20" draw length
  • 15-20 lb. draw weight
  • Durable composite limbs and riser
  • 6" brace height
  • 65 percent let off
  • Includes 2 safety glass arrows, armguard, 2-piece arrow quiver, finger tab, whisker biscuit arrow rest, 1-pin sight and temporary tattoo
  • Designed for right-hand use only

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Bear Archery Brave III Bow Set with Biscuit, Black
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