Bratz Quad Skates, Medium (1-4)

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Your child will have a blast roller skating with these cool Street Flyers Quad Roller Skates. These Street Flyers Skates feature a vented two-piece boot with an adjustable mesh nylon liner, oversize composition wheels and semi-precision bearings. The Kids' Roller Skates, in adjustable sizes 1 to 4, are soft for comfort on the inside and strong on the outside for protection. The skates also have cool Street Flyers graphics on the outside for show. With these skates, you won't have to purchase new skates whenever your child's foot grows. These skates are suitable for a beginner or intermediate skater.

Street Flyers Quad Roller Skates :
  • Vented, 2-piece boot
  • Adjustable mesh nylon liner
  • Oversize composition wheels
  • Semi-precision bearings
  • Soft for comfort on the inside
  • Strong on the outside for protection
  • Cool Street Flyers graphics
  • Grows with the child
  • Perfect for a beginner or intermediate skater
Bratz Quad Skates, Medium (1-4)
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