GreatCall 5Star Responder Wireless Personal Security Device

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Stay protected anywhere, anytime with the GreatCall Wireless Personal Security Device. The 5Star is compact, lightweight device that can prepare you and your loved ones for any unsafe or uncertain situation. Simply push the Call Button anytime you need help, and you'll be immediately connected to a Certified 5Star Agent. The personal security device conveniently attaches to your keychain, purse or backpack wherever you go. All 5Star Agents are equipped to handle a wide variety of personal security situations, and are available 24-hours a day. You can also hold the 5Star Call Button for five seconds to bypass 5Star and connect directly with 9-1-1 to get help and rescue from government services.

GreatCall 5Star Responder Wireless Personal Security Device:

  • Immediate connection to Certified 5Star Agents: Get help anytime, anywhere with 100% U. S. -based agents. The personal security agents are certified by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch and are trained in CPR and other emergency protocols.
  • Enhanced location tracking with GPS technology: Agents use patented GPS technology and advanced location training to help determine your location.
  • Access to 9-1-1: Hold the personal security button for five seconds to bypass 5Star and connect directly with 9-1-1.
  • Reliable Nationwide Coverage: 5Star is powered by one of the nation's largest, most reliable wireless networks.
  • Affordable & Easy-to-use: Push one button to operate. Just $14.99 per month with no contracts or cancellation fees. The GreatCall 5Star Responder Wireless Personal Security Device offers the first month free for Walmart customers.
  • Reliable Nationwide Coverage: 5Star works nationwide and provides you with immediate access to help anytime, anywhere wireless coverage is available - it's one of the nation's largest and most reliable networks.
  • Your Personal Profile: Your personal security device is packed with comprehensive personal details including emergency contacts, doctors and medical conditions. It helps enable 5Star Agents to assist you quickly and safely in an urgent situation.
  • Free LiveNurse: 5Star Agents can connect you to live, registered nurses anytime, day or night. This award-winning service provides health advice from experienced nurses in English or Spanish with no appointment necessary.
  • Easy-to-use: The personal security responder features single-button operation with a powerful speakerphone and simple voice commands and light signals.
  • Multilingual: 5Star Agents can provide translation support for personal security assistance in over 100 languages.
  • Convenient: Compact, lightweight design easily clips to your purse, backpack or attaches to your keychain.
GreatCall 5Star Responder Wireless Personal Security Device
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